What is Drug Rehab

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What is Drug Rehab

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The 4 Step Process of Recovery From Addiction

1. Detox is essential in the early stages of recovery; most addiction treatment and rehab facilities offer safe detox in one form or another. Many rehabs offer patients comfort meds, or what is commonly referred to as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) to minimize the discomfort and pain of withdrawals. If you're searching for a detox facility that's close to home, browse blog content on Alcohol Services or contact our staff for help in taking the first steps in your treatment plan.

2. After completing detox, patients can choose between residential treatment and outpatient care. Typically, a residential program will offer the most structure and support through programs lasting anywhere from 30-120 days. An outpatient program is more flexible and can be customized to fit any schedule. As you consider your options for addiction treatment, feel free to bookmark Alcohol Services to take advantage of online resources and helpful links. Inpatient and outpatient drug rehab are not the only options; online and telehealth recovery programs are available, as well.

3. Relapse prevention is a very important part of the recovery process. Recovery specialists highly recommend extending time spent in treatment to learn new skills in avoiding triggers and working through cravings when they occur. Preventing a relapse is crucial to staying on the path and achieving long-term goals.

4. Transitional programs, such as Sober Living, can make it easier to leave treatment and integrate into life at home. If you choose to spend time in a Sober Living house, you'll be provided with many opportunities to become a respected member of society in your own community. Most Sober Living programs teach patients skills needed to find a good job and maintain an income.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a multi-process adventure that really never ends. If you make the commitment to check into a rehab or get help for an addiction in an outpatient facility, you'll have to be on-guard for the rest of your life to keep from falling back into old habits. The good news is that recovery is an ongoing life adventure you'll never regret, and it starts with just one step in the right direction. Make a call to Alcohol Services right now for help getting clean and sober; reach us through our helpline at 844-454-5940.

When you're ready to leave addiction behind you, you'll have all the support and encouragement you need day in and day out when you select the right treatment center. Let someone from our team help you make the right choice in finding a rehab in your area that can offer immediate placement into a treatment program.

What is Drug Rehab