Sober Living Woodland Hills

Sober Living Woodland Hills

Fairview Supportive Living is a reliable and remarkable sober living in Woodland Hills. We serve as a transitional setting between the addiction treatment program and the mainstream society. We function to facilitate individuals who're willing to maintain addiction abstinence after exiting the rehabilitation program.

How do sober living environments differ from other residential programs?

Sober living programs and residential programs may sound similar since both names refer to a form of living arrangements. The reality is that the two are quite different programs that exist at opposites ends of the recovery journey. Typically, you’ve got to start with joining a residential/inpatient treatment program before joining a sober living home and never the vice versa.

At a residential program, an individual may undergo detoxification (depending on addiction type) then receive more comprehensive treatments. After the program, the individual can join a sober living environment to promote abstinence, gain stable sobriety, and reintegrate into society. The plans involve what a typical life will be like, but it enforces some rules to instill social behaviors, growth, and development or self-reliance.

Compelling qualities of an excellent sober living home

It’s crucial and advisable for an individual to enroll in a transitional housing program after completing inpatient alcohol or drug rehab program. This is to continue with the recovery journey and develop useful tools to lead a stable, independent life. However, there are quite many options to choose from across the community and all over the country. It may not be easy to determine which one is the best fit facility for you or someone you know.

While searching for the right sober living in Woodland Hills, there’re a few traits that we believe are exemplary essential to consider when selecting the best transitional housing. Below are qualities of an excellent sober living environment:

  • Substance free environment
  • Supportive staff and peer
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Resources access
  • Education and employment assistance
  • Safe and hygienic accommodations
  • Competency and cultural awareness

The undisputable sober living environment near you

We stand out to be an actual and reliable sober living home within Woodland Hills with an excellent reputation that goes beyond the country. We function with a sole purpose to serve as a transitional housing between residential treatment programs and conventional society.

Our mission is to provide customized care and proper path for our residents to effectively support substance use disorders, mental health issues, and long-term emotional needs of all kinds. Our recovery support services aim at helping individuals establish their well-being, manage their symptoms, achieve and sustain stable abstinence.

Choose a reputable sober living home

If you’re looking for the five-star sober living in Woodland Hills, we’re the safest and right home for you. We’ve got all the above qualities and more while our admissions team is always available to answer any question about our programs.

Take action today. At Fairview Supportive Living, we’re ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us now. We'll be happy to speak with you more about our efficient programs.

Sober Living Woodland Hills