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Deciding to seek treatment is among the most significant decisions you will ever make. Let Bridgeway Sober Living help you on this journey. We employ highly-trained staff who will create the best sober living house inpatient rehab in Austin experience.

Benefits to a sober living inpatient facility

Sober living facilities are not new, but only recently are now viewed as viable options for a person’s recovery from substance abuse issues. In these facilities, individuals that suffer from addiction issues all live together in one home. Patients in these facilities do not need to be at the same point in their recovery.

Residents in these homes learn to work and live together. Rules vary from home to home, but maintaining one’s sobriety and a drug-free environment is consistent across the board. Residents will also perform assigned chores around the home and participate in house meetings.

One benefit of these facilities is that residents work to hold each other accountable. They also can help each other with their sobriety. Residents can share advice on their mutual struggles. Another benefit is that these facilities give patients a chance to acclimate to the outside world before moving back to their previous homes.

How can you tell if treatment is effective?

The clearest indicator that treatment worked is if the person stops their substance abuse. While this is the gold standard, there are other measures of efficacy one should consider.

  • Increased income from consistent employment
  • Increased health by decreasing drug use
  • Improved legal status and fewer negative interactions with law enforcement
  • Improved mental health

There are several other markers one can consider, as well. These are simply common signs of improvement from treatment.

Treatment statistics

Addiction is a disease. While some seek treatment once and never relapse again, others aren’t so lucky. Many substance abusers participate in treatment multiple times. Like with any other chronic condition, you treat the flair up and continue with your life.

The key to managing and treating addiction with any level of success is an individual actually completing treatment. Statistics show that even though relapses occur, individuals who complete treatment programs boast longer rates of sobriety. Inpatient programs exhibit the highest completion rates and the highest sobriety rates at the five-year mark. Our inpatient rehab in Austin can help you get to that benchmark in your sobriety.

Tips for maintaining sobriety

Once treatment ends, it is up to the individual to maintain their sobriety. One of the greatest things you can do post-treatment is to find a support group. Patients who continue in programs like AA or NA can have higher sobriety rates than those who did not. Another important thing is avoiding people and situations that can trigger you. As much as it feels natural to go back to your old friends, they can drag you into your old habits. It can be wise to find a new friend group that will encourage your sobriety.

Visit Bridgeway Sober Living today to learn more about our sober living homes. These facilities can provide you with a top-notch inpatient rehab in Austin.

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