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Drug Rehab Ca

Programs For Drug Rehab In CA Can Curb Non-Drug Related Depression

The cases of depression have become so frequent especially among senior citizens and the trend raises a lot of concerns. It is always better, easier and more effective to tackle depression at the onset. But without knowing the early signs of depression it may be difficult to nip it in the bud. Since it is usually one of the consequences of drug addiction, it can be treated with drug rehab in CA

The common early signs of depression are:

    Regular sadness or feeling of despair Always looking tired Regular loss of weight and lack of appetite Increase in alcoholism Loss of interest in anything Being temperamental

Once you notice some of these signs in anybody, especially if the person is elderly, it is better to put the person under close watch as he or she may be suffering from depression. This is the major reason virtually all providers of drug rehab in CA install cameras to watch patients

What makes depression in old people worse is that it increases their chances of having cardiac arrest and also prevents them from responding to any ailment they are being treated for. So, once you notice that an elderly person is suffering from any protracted illness despite receiving proper medical attention, you might need to evaluate him or her for symptoms of depression. If indeed depression has crept in, you need to treat it alongside the other ailment.

Treatment of depression

The appropriate treatment for depression depends on the type of depression you are treating and how severe it is. Psychotherapy may work for some people while others may need to take antidepressants. And for more severe cases, the patient may be subjected to a brain stimulation treatment like electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) also known as the electroshock therapy.

Other brain stimulation treatments are transcranial magnetic stimulation and vagus nerve stimulation. Sometimes it may take several treatments before you stumble on the one that works for the depression patient.

Major causes of depression

Psychotherapy is about the most effective treatment of depression. But psychotherapy works when you know the root cause of the depression. Apart from drug addiction, other causes of depression are:

    Physical or sexual abuse can trigger clinical depression when it lingers for too long Dispute with someone you love so much can lead to the onset of depression if not well handled Death of someone close to you can also lead to depression Sometimes, having a family history of depression can increase the chances of having depression Bad events lack losing one’s job, getting divorced or even being jilted can lead to serious depression Being stigmatized or cast out for one reason or the other is the commonest cause of depression Sometimes a serious illness can trigger depression and this is the most dangerous type of depression because its symptoms will be mistaken for the symptoms of the illness. Drug abuse or substance abuse can lead to clinical depression when it gets to the level of addiction.


It is important to note that the causes listed above are just some of the commonest causes of depression. There are more causes and more are still being discovered. However, even if the cause of certain depression is not drug addiction, he can still find help with drug rehab in CA because their programs they often include treatment of depression irrespective of the cause.


Drug Rehab Ca