Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Facilities

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Facilities

Facilities for treating drug and other substance addictions have come a long way to reach their current state. Today, Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliated facilities that offer rehabilitation and detoxification treatments are staffed by teams of multidisciplinary professionals who have all the tools to put patients through a recovery process that will help them overcome their addictions. We are here to help.

Generally, people do not know how medical rehabilitation and detoxification centers work. The idea of thinking that they are first-class medical centers where patients’ care is of very good quality still sounds strange to those who seek information about these places.

In fact, rehabilitation centers specialized in addictions are essential support for people going through addiction issues. They offer a context in which it is possible to overcome the most intense addiction symptoms and significantly reduce the risk of relapse, gaining autonomy, and quality of life. 

This is how Red Cross Red Shield's rehabilitation centers work:

  1. Outpatient support service

The image that many people have of a rehabilitation and treatment center for addictions consists of a place where they have to stay. Yet, the truth is that most of the centers we work with also have an outpatient center, where patients can go at specific times without having to stay to make life in the facility.

Outpatient treatment of addictions without admission is a handy resource for people who have already begun the rehabilitation phase and who have the autonomy to stay away from consumption.

  1. Admission service

Income is another of the most useful and demanded services when it comes to fighting addictions. The professionals involved in our rehabilitation centers' operation strive to make them provide a comfortable environment with all the material and human resources necessary to support the welfare and health of people who resort to residential treatment.

  1. Psychiatric and medical support

The teams that manage the rehabilitation centers include health professionals from various areas of expertise to care for people with addiction problems. There is a professional to cover every need of the patient to guarantee a complete recovery.

  1. Cessation of use and rehabilitation services

This is the last part of the process by which addiction is overcome. It comes right after the detoxification phase. After detoxification, it is essential to help patients adopt the right habits and create living environments that minimize the risk of relapse.

  1. Facilities amenities

The most complete centers we work with have sports and gymnasium courts, terraces, a library, a swimming pool, work areas, etc. The objective is that people can make a comfortable life in this place so that it is easier to manage and control the desire to relapse.

After this, you will have a clearer idea of what to expect from one of our rehabilitation centers.

If you feel the need to go to one of the rehabilitation centers we work with at Blue Cross Blue Shield and learn more about the different options we have for you, do not hesitate to contact us through our website.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Facilities
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Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Facilities
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