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Stonegate Center holds the #1 rank in the list of  best rehabs in Texas. With our 45-day core program and 90-day comprehensive program, we identify the root cause of addiction, create a customized treatment plan, and equip recovering addicts with essential skills to lead a drug-free life after rehab.

How do I choose the right inpatient rehab?

The first step in recovery is to select the right kind of inpatient facility that specializes in treating your particular type of substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders. Here are some tips on how to choose the best inpatient rehab:

  • Treatment and therapies - Make sure to join a facility that uses the most impactful, proven, and effective modalities to address addiction and mental health issues. At our facility, we use a variety of holistic treatments such as equine, meditation, and nutrition therapy to help patients attain sustainable sobriety.
  • Experience of staff and therapists - Our team of therapists, physicians, RNs, and other non-clinical staff hold the highest level of skill, experience, and education to offer rehab treatment. Be sure to join a facility with dedicated staff that can offer individual care and attention to patients in recovery.
  • Ongoing care - Relapse can be a common concern in the first year after rehab treatment. By joining a facility that offers ongoing care programs, you can stay more focused on sobriety and be better equipped to fight off any triggers or cravings.

We among the best rehabs in Texas to offer high-end amenities and accommodation to our patients at affordable prices. Our faith-based approach and gender-specific treatment help patients overcome addiction in a stress-free, calming, and serene environment.

Benefits of Christian addiction treatment               

Faith-based addiction treatment offers a variety of positive health benefits. Some of them include: 

  • It fosters comradery between like-minded individuals with a spiritual affinity. It allows recovering addicts to heal and recover from addiction in peer support.
  • Christian teachings and scriptures can help patients overcome stress, loneliness, loss of hope, and allows individuals to gain a positive take on life.
  • Faith-based treatment focuses on fellowship and spiritual framework, which helps solidify a recovering addict's moral resolve and helps resist future temptation and triggers.

Besides, it also reduces anxiety, helps overcome stress, and equips patients with healthy coping skills. Patients who recover from a faith-based treatment center are less likely to relapse as they are strongly motivated by their religious beliefs.

Tips to prevent alcohol relapse

One of the best ways to prevent relapse is to attend ongoing care programs provided by your rehab center. You can use your weekly ongoing care sessions to discuss your challenges in recovery with your therapists and seek guidance.

Also, stay close to family and loved ones to avoid cravings and feelings of boredom or loneliness. Contact the best of the best rehabs in Texas and call us now at (817) 993-9733 to begin your journey towards recovery. As one of the few rehabs to offer gender-separate and faith-based treatment programs, at Stonegate Center, we focus on helping patients maintain sustainable sobriety.

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